Types Of Sexy Lingerie And What You Need To Know About Them

Types Of Sexy Lingerie And What You Need To Know About Them

Sexy lingerie makes women feel more sexy, passionate, and attractive.

Generally, lingerie means women’s undergarments or sleepwear. In the past, lingerie was worn for hygienic reasons, for modesty and to achieve certain body shapes.

However, nowadays, lingerie for women comes in many designs and variations that focus more on the sexual appeal. So, sexy lingerie is different from the regular undergarments.

Whether it is for themselves or for their partners, women wear sexy lingerie to feel more sexy, passionate, and attractive.

The Different Types of Sexy Lingerie

Wonder 18 has many types of sexy lingerie with different designs and variations. Our sexy lingerie is suitable for all occasions whether it is for date night or any day you want to feel special.

If this is your first time buying sexy lingerie, you may be wondering what are the different types of sexy lingerie and which one will suit you best.

Do not worry, we understand. It can get a little overwhelming since there are a lot of varieties to choose from.

Thus, you are in luck because we are going to list some of the different types of sexy lingerie and the things you need to know about them. 

So, buckle up and get ready to take some notes.


If you are familiar with lingerie or while researching about them before you do your purchase, you may have come across the term babydoll a lot. But what is babydoll

To put simply, babydoll is a short nightdress, typically at knee length. It has a loose fit, shorter hemline and often comes with cups for extra chest support. It is normally adorned with lace and ribbon. 

Babydoll is suitable to enhance your bust and hips while also drawing attention to your waist.

To spice things up, you can layer babydoll over a bra and panty that you already have in your closet. 

Nonetheless, some babydolls do come with a matching panty. Our collection of babydoll comes together with matching panty.



This type is pretty similar to babydoll but there is a subtle difference between the two in terms of the fitting.

Basically, a chemise is a short slip dress that typically reaches around mid-thigh. It usually fits snugly especially around the hips and skims the body.

You can simply slip into a chemise and pair it with a bra-panty set or a thong. Some chemises can be so stylish, they look like mini dresses you can wear outside. Additionally, chemise can also act as nightdress and sleepwear.

Moreover, chemises can make you feel beautiful and flirty at the same time. Unleash your sexy potential with our beautiful collection of chemises. 



It is also known as teddy. Basically, bodysuit is like a bra and panty all in one piece. Bodysuit can have more coverage than the usual separate piece of bra and panty but somehow, it is sexier. Plus, bodysuit can sometimes be more sheer thus 1 extra point for sexiness. 

Much similar to a leotard, a bodysuit covers from the shoulders to the hips, usually with a closure at the crotch area. 

Most of the time, bodysuit does not leave the bedroom but if you are feeling extra adventurous, you can choose to pair it with a skirt or pant.

Looking for a playtime-approved bodysuit? Look no further!



In the past, corsets were used to achieve certain shapes and curves. Usually came with ties or that were pulled tightly, squeezing the midsection to get a slimmer waist.

Nowadays, some still wear corsets as shapewear to enhance the look of their torso but not for sexy corsets. 

This type of corset is not for slimming or anything, it is rather for a playful and sexy time to achieve the steamy lingerie look.

You can choose to wear it under your clothes or even on its own. Spice up your time in the bedroom with our playful corset.


This is a need for every woman out there. Whether you are looking for a simple or sexy bra, a well-fitted and a well-made bra is a must. The key is to pick a bra that supports your breasts.

Bras can be basic lingerie but do not ever underestimate bras because a delicate bra and panty set alone can make a sexy statement.

Bra comes in different types: triangle, push-up, demi, bralette, and more. For special occasions, look for a bra adorned with embroidery or lace to achieve the sexy look.


Wonder 18 Sexy Lingerie Collection Malaysia

Now that you know the types of sexy lingerie and the things you need to know about them, are you ready for your first purchase? 

Wonder 18 is an online lingerie store based in Malaysia. We offer a wide variety of sexy lingerie and sleepwear such as babydoll, chemise, bodysuit and more.

Our lingerie is high quality and premium. We can guarantee that you will feel sexy and comfortable with Wonder 18 lingerie.

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