Best Dating Ideas For Christmas In The City

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If there’s one time that’s ideal for brainstorming on the best dating ideas, it’s definitely Christmas. Whether you are on a budget or don’t mind splurging on some additional luxuries, it’s always fun to try and fit as many romantic nights (and days) as possible into your weekly schedule and make the most of the holiday season while creating ever-lasting memories with your partner in the process. From Couple Romantic Staycations to refined restaurant bookings and everything in between, pretty much everything is possible.

We gathered some of the best dating ideas for Christmas for you and your loved one to enjoy below.


1. Have an old-school movie night

Granted, you might not have the luxury to experience a winter wonderland covered with snow, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go on a vivid mental journey. Christmas is the best time to have a movie marathon each night of the month. There are so many old-school movies about the festive season - from romantic to downright spooky (and each of them involves snow).

2. Buy tickets to an online play or ballet

Sometimes, even during the holiday season, our schedule is overpacked. Or you might simply not want to visit a crowded theatre just yet. No worries, the good news is that you can still enjoy a Christmas-must see play or baller from the comfort of your own home thanks to the power of the internet. The best part? You can choose your favourite stream from all over the world.

3. Sexy Stocking Date

Granted, this might be an entirely new concept, but the Christmas season requires some innovative ideas. This concept takes the usual stocking stuffer gifts to new heights. For your next Christmas date, set up two different festive mini-bags that will serve as your “stockings”. All you have to do is fill it up with a slew of sexy items you think you’ll both love. Then, at the beginning of your date night, you can light up some candles, set the mood and do a little unboxing.

From fun to flirty, everything is permitted. Below are our top choices for you to include in your next Christmas date night in order to fill your stocking stuffers a lot quicker.


A beautiful set of sexy lingerie is the quintessential option for every successful Sexy Stocking Date. Luckily for you, our virtual shelves are packed with beautiful, luxurious, and sexy lingerie that cover an array of lingerie and sleepwear trends. Think soft lace, comfortable satin, and too-hot-to-handle eye masks.

You can opt for a Lace Embroidered Satin Nightdress to give the right clues, or go all-in with a Push Up Corset. The options are in your favour, so we suggest you stark stocking up (pun intended).

4. Cook an alternative dinner together

Cooking? For date night? Socking! You’ve probably prepared dinner a million times before, but this time let’s make it a challenge. Choose a few brand new recipes from all over the world and get to work. Have a romantic playlist ready, light some candles, and make the effort to dress up for one another.

From tacos and sushi to chilli crab and everything in between, Pinterest has you covered.


What do all the aforementioned Christmas date night ideas have in common? They will most likely require a set of sexy lingerie. Now is the best time to visit Wonder 18 and take advantage of our splurge-worthy discounts for new users.

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