Post-Lockdown Couple Romantic Staycation Tips To Spice Things Up

Granted, after months of isolation, we are all eager to start daydreaming about our next quick and safe staycation this season. Whether you are looking to spend your days drenched in the sun in a cozy city apartment with an enviable balcony secretly wrapped in a beautiful set of sexy lingerie and a glass of wine — hello luxury hotels — or want to go all-in with a week-long getaway near the sea, now is the quintessential time to do so.

 That’s why today we rounded up a list of the best romantic staycation tips for couples who want to unplug and spend quality time together as a brief respite from the events of last year.

Couple romantic staycation tips: book the perfect rental

You see, staycations are fairly inexpensive, especially if you do your research. Book a rental with a view in the heart of a city or choose the most secluded area in the suburbs. The options are seemingly endless. Apartment-style accommodations feel surprisingly like home but also add that extra flair of excitement. If you are looking to get away from the hassle and bustle of the city to keep yourself safe, you can opt for a tent and explore the nearby nature— or spend some days at the beach. Of course, you can always spare the expenses and spend a few days cuddling up in your own home.

Fun activities during your staycation

Getting close to nature is one of the most relaxing activities. Hunt down the best nearby camping spots to discover those local gems that you’ve never seen before. Grab a blanket, prepare some delicious food and spend a few hours chilling with each other while enjoying your DIY picnic.



Go on a memorable photography tour

Have you ever gone on a photography tour? Maybe now is the perfect time to grab your DSLR and go on a full-day photography tour in the city. There are so many amazing places you’ve never visited before, plus you’ll get to keep all the visual representations of the fun-filled day you’ve had. When the adventure is over, head back to the room, slip into your favourite Satin Cami Set and light up some candles.

Swap your home-cooked meal with a table reservation for two people

 Now that the restrictions are finally been lifted, you shouldn’t miss the chance to go get back to your previous routine in the safest way possible. Instead of ordering takeaway or spending your time together cooking, book a fancy table at a renowned restaurant for dining and drinking. Break out of that rut and have fun while recreating the first days of your relationship. You can eat, chat and get flirted like you’ve just met each other to spice things up as you taste the mouthwatering specials they offer. Talking about the best romantic staycation idea right here.




Sexy lingerie to pack for your staycation

Just like sex therapist, Sari Cooper explained "When you’re in the mindset of exploring a new place, that translates into exploring new types of sexuality” and that’s where a newly purchased sexy lingerie really shines.

 Everything begins with setting the mood for yourself first. Make sure to have an arsenal of clothing and lingerie that makes you feel confident, alluring, and, of course, utterly sexy.  This could take the form of a Lace Embroidered Satin Nightdress a figure-flattering Push Up Corset or even a pair of Thigh High Stockings. Remember, if you focus on buying lingerie for yourself first to celebrate your body, your confidence will shine through.

What’s the best part about going on a secret shopping spree to an online lingerie store that covers pretty much every one of your bedtime-attire needs? You can opt for sexy lingerie pieces you’ve never thought of before. Spice things up with a Satin Tie, or drench yourself in lace with a cute and sexy Open Back Bodysuit. The options are in your favour.



Romantic breakfast in bed

After a full night at your romantic staycation, you certainly deserve to splurge on room service and reap the advantages of having breakfast in bed together. You can always watch a movie while tasting the delicious croissants.

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