Best Festive Romantic gift ideas To Steal Her Heart yet - again

Let’s come up and say it's the best romantic gift ideas for couples are the ones that are perfectly in tune with their needs. Granted, the gift-giving season requires you all-year-round listening skills because chances are your S.O. has given you plenty of hints to gently guide you towards the right direction.

The good news? There is still time to brainstorm on the best deeply romantic gift ideas your loved one will definitely appreciate or, you can simply go through our foolproof list below and opt for the best option that fits your partner’s personality - all you got to do is take the credits. 

Eternal Roses


Granted, fake roses are not ideal, and real roses most often die quickly. So, what’s the best solution? Preserved flowers! As they have an extended lifespan of up to a year. Plus, they come in the most gorgeous gift packaging and in a slew of colours to “wow” the women in your life.



Rings are obviously a beautiful romantic gift idea for her, however, if you aren’t ready to commit suggest yet or, you’ve already offered her the oh-so-dreamy blink, a pair of dainty precious earrings will certainly bring a smile to her face. Not overly flashy, yet far from plain-what more can you ask for?


Heidi Mesh Ruched Dress

Lingerie is the quintessential romantic gift idea for women who love soft, luxurious fabrics that make them feel, well, absolutely gorgeous. We suggest opting for the best sexy lingerie we know she’ll love. The options are seemingly endless. From black sheer babydoll styles that are equal parts alluring and chic to Pearl Beaded Cross Dress options that are oh-so-elegant.


In case you want to spice up things a bit, the Laced Eye Mask and a gorgeously-crafted pair of Lace Thigh-High Stocking will help you lit up the mood during your Couple Romantic Staycation this Christmas.

Custom Coordinates Bar Necklace                                  

What’s a better way to help her carry your most significant moments with her at all times? Custom Coordinates Bar Necklaces can be personalized with any location. You can add the coordinates of a special place, the address of your first home together, and everything in between that holds value to you and turn it into an engraved bar necklace to give her this Christmas. It doubles as one of the most romantic gift ideas for anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion too.

Skincare Gift Set


Luxury skincare gift sets are not only a fantastic gift for her, but also something you already know she needs. Browse your local designer stores for special Christmas gift sets from coveted brands like Dior, Prairie, Lancome and make sure to grab one while it’s still available. You see, there is only one thing that rivals the gift of beautiful skin, lingerie (obviously).

Now that you have a full list of the best romantic gifts for her, head over to Wonder 18 to shop sexy lingerie online for every occasion. Our virtual shelves are filled with Christmas-approved options that run that will definitely catch her by (pleasant) surprise.



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